Saturday, May 20, 2006

Oh Dear!

Well I have started my training. Day one a 15 min jog – easy! That’s what I thought anyway until I went to do it! I thought I was going to need oxygen! I came back home feeling quite miserable about the situation, until I realised that although I struggled, I did do it, I didn’t give in, so that is a positive I guess. I also realised that perhaps a bar of chocolate, bag of crisps and a can of coke wasn’t the best pre run fuel I could have had! I think a serious look at my diet is in order.

I’ve been in touch with Jakki, who I did some personal training with last summer. She is going to start a series of training sessions with me, first one being this Monday. She is great at motivating me and making me believe in myself but boy has she got her work cut out for her! She will also focus on my diet and give me hints and tips on ways I can alter it to achieve my aims.

I’ve had some wonderful feedback from everyone I’ve spoken to about running the half marathon. I’m not sure why I expected people to laugh at me, but I really thought they would. Knowing I have friends who have confidence in me achieving this goal is fantastic!

Until next time

K xx

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