Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Its all going so well!

After weeks of struggling, it all now seems to be coming together!

Yesterday I did my first outside run in weeks, and I ran 7.6 miles (12.24km) in 1 hr 35mins. I was totally thrilled with that. The furthest I've run before has been 1 hr 10mins on the treadmill, and probably no more than 5 miles (8km).

After the run I felt suddenly really nauseous, and shivery, and felt like that until I managed to eat some toast. I think maybe I need to make sure I have something more filling than a salad before I attempt the next long run!

Anyway this morning I feel fine. I did lots of stretches and foam rolling last night, and although I'm a little stiff this morning, nothing too bad.

For the first time I really believe I can do this!!

Until next time

K xx

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