Sunday, September 10, 2006

I did it!!

I really did it! Forgot to look at what time I ran it in, but Rich thinks it was 2 hours 43. Will find out for sure tomorrow when the times are announced.

I wasn't last so I'm more than happy about that!

It was hard work, my legs are killing me and I'm sure it will take all week before I can walk down a set of stairs again, but had a great time and so pleased I did it!

The crowd were fantastic. It was great to see Mum and Grandad cheering me on at 5 miles, and then Rich, Daisy, Jack and Alfie were at 8 and 9 miles. Daisy had made a fantastic banner saying "Our Mum is a Yummy Mummy"!!

I managed to get off to a really good start even with a killer hill at only 2 miles! From there on I felt really comfortable. I realised I could walk up the steep hills as quickly as most people were running so on three or four occasions I walked. The hardest part was between 10 - 12 miles. That was because I missed the 11 mile marker, so thought the mile was really taking me a long time! It was a real boost though when I realised I was at 12 miles - only 1.1 miles to go! The last half mile the crowds were great and all the runners were encouraging each other on. Just at the last bend I saw Kathy (work colleague) who really cheered me on, then I could see Rich and Alfie, then I saw Mum and Grandad. Next thing I knew I was over the finish line! I was so elated to have done it! I felt like a proper runner when I got my silver blanket to wrap round me!

Would I do it again? Well never say never.................

Right now though, I'm going to enjoy a few day off and enjoy my long weekend in Spain next week!

Until next time!

K xxxx

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Anonymous said...

Well Done Sis!!!!!

So proud of you and what an amazing time you did it in!!

Really glad you enjoyed the day and hope your legs recover soon xxxx