Sunday, July 02, 2006

A positive week

After two weeks off due to holiday and then Alfie being ill, I finally got back to training. I was expecting to find it really hard, but actually I think the rest has done me good. My knee, which was playing me up before we went away, seems to have settled which is fantastic.

First day back, in honor of the cricket I was going to watch later, I decided to do Thirty30! I ran for 30 mins and then swam 30 lengths of the pool. Friday I decided to use each cardio machine for 10 minutes, and in between do stretches, or weights. I did 50 mins of cardio work and felt really good.

The run is 10 weeks today - can't believe how quickly the time is flying by. Looking forward to my training session with Jakki tomorrow - I think I really need to start stepping up my training. I've also signed up for a 6 week running course at the gym which starts on 12th July, which will focus more on strength work rather than the running itself.

Thanks to everyone who has sponsored me! It really means a lot to me knowing I have support behind me.

Until next time
K xx

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